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We have been breeding these adorable dogs in Uruguay (South America) since 1978.

      Our aim from the beginning, was to breed  healthy  and sweet-tempered Cockers, with beautiful  heads, strong bodies, and the free and effortless movement that a true  Cocker Spaniel must to have. We carry-on working this way, having already produced various generations from   our own dogs.    

      Typical Cocker Spaniels  love to stay as close to their owners as possible ,and follow them everywhere, so  we  didn't believe we could have our dogs in kennels. All our Cockers are first family members and then show dogs or for breeding. Some of them      live with  us, and the other ones in friend's  homes.   

We invite you to see part of our work from the last 30 years, and hope that you will   enjoy your visit.     


Breeder of the Year 2004, 2006 & 2007       

Cocker Spaniel Top breeder

1996,1997,2002, 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007, 2009

DARKY was the most winning female of the breed and VIII group and

#10 all breed

( KCU ranking 2010)

Darky, winning 3 BOBs, 2 Group 2nd and

 BIS (group VIII Specialty)  at

KCU 72th Anniversary Shows

Darky, is only 21 months old and she is following in her famous mother and grandmother footsteps

She is out of our WW BIS BISS Multi Ch.Raiza (Cocker of the Years 05/06/ 07) and grand daughter of our unforgettable Galatea (Multi Ch. BISS winner, Cocker of the Years 96 & 97)


Her litter sister Nieve come back to the shows after 18 months out

She won 6 CCs in only 2 months of showing and won her title with  BOB , group 1st and BIS 4th

under Mr. Gabriel Gamarra



Pandora and Aaron's little girls are our newest stars

Celeste and Mittens won 4 Best Puppy in Show all breed  (2 Celeste and 2 Mittens)

and a BPIS 3rd in only 6 shows!!

Celeste became Cocker Puppy of the Year and  #4 all breed


Puck's Blue Celeste                          Puck's Blue Mittens

They are only 7 month old

 Good job babies!   


At the KCU Anniversary shows, You, won the four CCs and BOS & CACIB under Mrs Carla Molinari                                                                                  

You is by our  BISS Ur.Ch.Puck's Blue Theo x Multi Ch.Vynna of Falklands at Zucco's Print;

He is bred by our dear friends Mara & Zenildo ( Zucco's Print Cockers/Paraguay)


Our girls gave her best during 2009.....

     SASHURI  Top Cocker 2009   


# 1  Group VIII

# 10 all breeds

 DARKY  Cocker Junior of the Year  


# 8 Junior all breeds 2009


Some special moments....


Raiza & Aaron winning BOB and BOS under Mr.Tamás Jakkel


I was so pleased to find a really functional, beautiful, sound, good moving bitch, with lots of charisma and character... I loved her!!!

Mr. Jakkel after gave Raiza Group 1st and BIS 3rd (all breeds) at Conrad Show


        What did Mr.Brace write in Dog World about our dogs?               

"The results proved a complete walkover for Puck's Kennels. BOB was Puck's Blue Raiza... "

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   Raiza 's 1st BIS (all breeds) j:Mr.J.Nallem      Raiza's BOB at WW 05 j:Mrs F. Sommerfield                     

FANCY swimming in the morning, winning in the afternoon

Punta del Este, International Shows 2005   

BOB, CACIB, Group 3rd  Mr.Menaker (USA)

Before (11 am)            and....         After ( 18 pm)


                             vea y firme mi libro
      Sandra Bozzolo

Montevideo, URUGUAY

   Tel (598) 2481 8659

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